5 Ways to Have Fun in a Water Park and Feel Awesome


For adults, laughter and play have unfortunately somehow come to be associated with childishness. But it is at the stressful points of adult life that we need these most! Paying bills, buying a car, saving up for rent, always looking for a better job, finding a partner, looking after our parents, spending time with friends, working out, eating well, upgrading our skills – there doesn’t even seem to be a moment to breathe and let loose. Peace and tranquility are important for the mind, and stillness is encouraged to move towards thoughtfulness. But fun is important too! Take a vacation from your mind, let is jump and bounce and escape into a land of wonder where seriousness is not celebrated but happiness is at the forefront.

Water Parks are one of the best places to get your mental batteries recharged. They’re messy, involve all the senses, are entirely experiential, and keep you cool! By playing in water, either whizzing around or floating gently, you can get your joy flowing again. Water constitutes 75 per cent of Earth’s surface area, and 75 per cent of our bodies. We both love and need to have fun with it! Here are a few fun ways that Funcity, a premier Water Park In India gives us a few reasons to rejoice in the H2O:
Mock Shark Attack
Trying out some games in the water? Make like Jaws and sound out the iconic tunes to get your playmates abuzz!

Slide Racing
Go on parallel slides with a buddy and start off at the same go – see who gets to bottom first. It’s all about the way you handle the turns, since you can’t speed it up any other way!

King Neptune King of the Seas
Get in a whirlpool with all your friends and appoint someone as King Neptune, Roman God of the Seas and Oceans. He can create waterfalls and tsunamis, wage wars and make alliances, so send off your enemies to the whirlpool, fight it out on the sandy banks, and have some fun at the wave pool!

Make Someone into a Water Baby
Have you been trying to teach your baby cousin to swim for a while but he’s too scared? Take him to a water park and show him how awesome it is and all the fun everyone is having! Pack all the extra gear and floaties, don’t become a swimming instructor necessarily but expose them to some crazy times in the water and let them learn to love it themselves!
Family Bonding Checklist
Get the flier and check out all the slides and pick the scariest. Now create two teams in your family, bring all the cousins along and drop off all the parents at the café to watch you guys get competitive. Now see which team completes all the rides and celebrate together at the end!

Water is restorative. In the summer months it cools us down, cools down our tempers, and the rides get our blood flowing. You deserve a break from all your responsibilities, and you deserve to get in on some joy! So go and grab a ticket today and book yourself some fun!


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