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Why we must visit Water Parks for recreation?


People are seeking for the ways to enjoy leisure with friends and family. As the length of work hours have increased, it is difficult to find time for refreshment. So the people visit water parks to enjoy immense rides and water pools.

Water Parks are the most attractive spots for picnic. It consists of an impressive environment and exquisite surroundings having thrilling slides and amazing ambiance. It includes various recreational facilities to create some wonderful memories. It provides quality experiences with dear ones and helps in releasing stress through entertainment and fun.

Funcity is one of the best water park in chandigarh which includes seven landing pools, one activity pool, one wave pool and twenty-one water slides of different shapes and sizes. It is located at Panchkula-Barwalla-Nadha Sahib Gurudwara Highway near Ramgarh which is twenty kilometers away from Chandigarh. It is built in an attractive design with beautiful serenity. It includes enchanting atmosphere with thrilling rides and exciting pools.
Water-Parks-KolkataWhy recreation is important for our life?

Recreation plays an important role in changing our moods and generating a sense of joyousness. It is an escape from daily routine to sense the fun-filled day with amusement. Therefore it is important for us to visit places of recreation. Water Park is one such place to visit for recreation. There is various importance of recreation in our lives:

Stress-buster: Recreational activities are biggest stress-busters. It rejuvenates your senses and creates happy emotions.

Keeps you Social: These activities helps you to meet different people and allows you to explore common interest with like-minded people. It develops social qualities and  able to build joyful groups.

Refreshes Energy: It refreshes energy and offers soothing senses in your mind. It boosts your confidence and self-esteem through the positive attitude.

Find the Inner Child: Recreational activities are important to bring the inner child. It adds enthusiasm and eagerness in you by refreshing your mind from all the stress and strain of work and studies.

Important for Health and Wellness: These activities tones your body and keeps you fit. It is important to build attractive personality and impressive body shape and size.

Improves thought process: To generate the presence of mind and concentration, it is important to do certain form of activities which can build inner-conscience and alertness of mind. Such activities play a major role in improving the thinking process of mind while enhancing power of grabbing and understanding the things with wider perspective.

Provides Relief: These activities plays a major role in providing relief from tensions and worries. It provides coolness of mind. It plays a major role in forgetting all tensions, anxiety, pressure and strains leading to the peace of mind among the people.

To experience satisfaction and peacefulness inside you, it’s important to enroll some precious time for yourself. Change your life from boredom and bring thrill and amusement in it. If you are adventure seeker then water parks are most appropriate place to perform various recreational activities with fun and pleasure.


Amusement Park: A Fantasy World of Pleasure


The craze for recreation is increasing rapidly as the work-load and peer pressure is increasing among people. People are seeking alternatives to get relief from hectic and monotonous life.

Immense work load and less time to rest results into stress and strain. For experiencing the entertainment in life, it’s important to find some time for yourself and take a break. Hence, Amusement Park is the best place to visit, to get relief from all the worries and work-pressure. It caters thrilling experiences to the visitors. It is full of thrill, enthusiasm and adventures. It is the most favorable choice of people to hang out and have fun. It is the place with the highest tourist attraction.

Funcity is one of the top amusement park in india which offers various recreational and entertaining services in an attractive environment with the interesting rides. To experience the joy and fun with friends and family, it is the perfect location to visit. It is located at Panchkula-Barwalla-Nadha Sahib Gurudwara Highway near Ramgarh which is twenty kilometers away from Chandigarh. It consists of twenty different hydraulic rides having impressive and enchanting surroundings.
top-25-theme-parks-2-europa-parkAmusement Parks play a vital role in filling our lives with thrill and adventures. They play a major role in providing a sense of delight. But the question is Why do we need them?

The following examples will tell you importance of  Amusement Parks in your life:

Amazing Experiences:  It adds up valuable and cherishing memories with your dear ones. It is an amazing place to gain loads of adventure with astonishing experiences.

Stress buster: Increasing work-load leads to stress and pressure. It is best place to get relief from  hectic life, daily routine, tensions, and worries.

Adventure: It is the most favorable place for the adventure-seekers who seek for fun and enjoyment.

Place for Gatherings: It is the hottest picnic spot chosen by the visitors. It is an exciting place for friends and family gatherings.

Attractive Ambiance: The construction of Amusement Parks involves extensive creativity to attract large number of people. People feel that they are in the dreamland full of fantasies and joy. It’s construction includes hi-tech engineering for building thrilling rides and roller coasters for its riders.
img_9588To bring the enthusiast within yourself, Amusement Parks are the excellent place to visit. So, take a break from hectic life and find some time for yourself. To boost your inner consciousness and self-esteem. It is most appropriate place to build the positive frame of mind in the people.

Why we all visit amusement parks in summers?


In summers with scorching heat, it is difficult to tolerate hot weather. We often lose temper and tolerance when it comes to going outside our homes.

We all want leisure and comfort inside our homes with cool atmosphere. But pleasure and recreation is important for all of us to experience the source of joy and happiness. Amusement Parks are the most amazing place to visit in summers which offer calmness and build enthusiasm in scorching heat of summers.

Funcity is an amusement park in chandigarh located at Panchkula-Barwalla-Nadha Sahib Gurudwara Highway near Ramgarh which is twenty kilometers away from Chandigarh. It is an amazing place consisting of twenty hydraulic rides with fascinating surroundings having impressive flora and fauna. It is a wonderful place to visit for encountering enchanting memories with your friends and family members.

Amusement Parks are the highest spot for tourist attraction especially in summers. It includes wonderful designs and interesting rides to attract a lot of people. It is a thrilling place with exciting surroundings to add wonderful memories with your dear ones.

Amusement Parks consist of various features which make it an ideal place to visit in summers. Few features of it are as follows:
AmusementParkThrilling Environment: It consists of a soothing environment with impressive flora and fauna. It includes exciting and adventurous rides with exquisite surroundings.

Amazing Food Corners: Amusement Parks consist of different food corners of different varieties which you can enjoy with your friends and family after experiencing the tiring rides.

Picnic Spot: In summers it is the best place to plan a picnic. It is the exciting  place to enjoy a picnic with friends and family.

Interesting Rides: You can experience various rides of different varieties with your dear ones. You can add more adventure and thrill in your day by experiencing various rides.

Best Place to beat the heat: It is the best place to beat the scorching heat of summers. It consists of cool hydraulic rides, adrenaline-pumping slides to enrich you with amazing experiences.

To setup a sense of relaxation, Amusement Parks are the most amazing and entertaining place to visit with friends and family. You can make unforgettable happy memories by visiting it with your dear ones. It is a place away from hardships of reality and full of thrill and enjoyment. So take a break and plan for a vacation to experience recreation and refreshment in the place of entertainment and adventures.

The Fear Of Tips To Overcome Roller Coaster Rides


Who doesn’t love to see those big roller coasters? Well, everyone likes to watch them, but not all are enthusiastic to ride them. It is often observed by the experts at Amusement Park In Chandigarh that the visitors are afraid of the coasters and thus misses the great thrill it has to provide.

Understanding the reasons

Why are people afraid of a ride? Those who love the thrilling experience of the coasters may wonder at this fear. There are different reasons that holds one back from taking this experience. Some of the most common aspects are as follows:

  1. Anxiety
  2. Fear of height
  3. Psychological discomfort


Breaking the wall

It is logical that people with health issues have to refrain from experiencing the enjoyment of the ride. However, for the others there are ways that helps them in conquering that big ride. So are you ready to give the ride in the best water park in India a go?

Learning the ways

Here are the ways to help you in getting out of your comfort zone and taste the thrill.

  1. Small steps: Afraid of heights is common of all the reasons. To break the fear, first thing you need to do is gain exposure. Start with the small rides. Even if they are for kids, don’t feel shy to try them out. This will help you in getting hold over your fear of height and try out the bigger rides.
  2. Free will: Make it a rule to ride only when you feel like. Many take this step because of pressure from peers or colleges. You do not have anything to prove. So, if you are doing it under pressure, then there are chances of facing adverse effects.
  3. Relax: Though it is hard to relax when you are trying to conquer something you are afraid of, but still you need to have control over your emotions. Furthermore, it is necessary that you practice your breathing in a regular way. It will help in making your body calm and you will enjoy the ride.
  4. Rules matters: Kudos to you for taking the courage to ride the roller coaster. However, it is advisable not to get too overwhelmed and break the rules. For a safe and enjoyable ride, make sure you understand and follow the rules of the ride properly.

Final words


It is all about fun and enjoyment. These trips will certainly help you in getting the thrill of the rides. Good luck!